My photos

from my beach

It's just past midnight. The tide is falling rapidly. The Moon is in its waning phase, and in a few days it will be new ... I will miss it. In these long, dark nights, I always light some lanterns on the beach. I hope the Moon sees them, and hurry up to get back full.

Let me look at you for a while ... There are no artificial lights here and there are no stars tonight. Here on the Island, today, the night is brighted up only by you. Bring me some cool waves when you come back to see me.

Friday on the deserted islands has always been, traditionally, a special day. I introduce you to Friday, my Maneki neko ... from my Island, good Friday to everyone.

When I’m waiting for the waves to arrive I never get bored here on the Island ...the seagulls keep me company. The fishermen of the Village say that when they approach the ground it is a sign that out to sea it starts to ripple, and they can not fish. We have lunch together, the swell is coming.

The second New Moon after the winter Solstice is coming. It is better for me to hurry, these are the days when Nian could arrive. … Moreover, according to ancient traditions, the Year of the Pig will begin. May the Pig bring us patience and luck. Guo nian (that the beast can pass) to all of you!

It was really a rainy evening, indeed, stormy evening, when it all began. So better to be prepared, the power could get cut or the clocks could stop …

Finally the Moon is back ...I don't need lanterns anymore. "Would you like an adventure now," asked Peter Pan, "or would you like to have your tea first?”. "Tea first", Wendy answered (Peter Pan)

… Macha tea looks like liquid emerald. Like the sea water curtain that covers us. The foam left by the Chasen fades quickly. Similar to the wake that the wave leaves after breaking. Bitter, like the memory of a council that has not been heard. Take a seat! Would you like a Mochi too?

The Wind, in his own way, always greets me before leaving. He softly caresses the shells on the porch and leaves, raising his collar and adjusting his hat, without turning back ... if I had the chance I would have hosted him a little longer here. He could stay, tomorrow is Sunday.

Still celebrating...

It's Valentine's day. 

Love is in the air…

Gohan is ready. It takes an hour and a half to prepare it as it should ... May be this is why to make sushi there is no time to cook also the fish.

Spring is approaching. 

I need to practice.

The day of "Kodomo no hi" is still far away, but I can't wait until May 5th to see my Koinobori swimming. Carps are the fish that most resemble Surfers, isn't it? While swimming, upstream, tenacious and brave, they always seem happy. Furthermore Koinobori, if the wind goes down look sad. Quite similar to us when the sea is calm …

A bad surf-day for us all here on the Island....

Mr. Bamboo, please, teach me what flexibility is.

The frozen batter and the hot oil are the key to a perfect Tempura. The perfection that comes from the interaction between two opposing forces. As always. Tonight, I learned from my dinner what Taijitu is.

One day I would like to take you to see the Ocean, Mr. Bonsai. … To make you better I have to take care of you every day and you always keep growing and changing, without ever feeling complete. Thank you, Mr. Bonsai. You deserve a trip.

A gift from a canary brother of surfing. I often wear it on the beach ... so, if he come around, he will see me immediately.

When at night you were starting to type, I remember that, as a child, I thought it was raining. Now that instead the real rain is beating on the roof, I turn around in bed, and I hope that are still the type-hammers of your Olivetti Lettera 35. I miss you so much Grandpa ... and when it's raining, at night, I would like to think that actually you stopped by here to greet me.

I can barely see you tonight... it is once again time for you to rest for a little while.

There's no moon tonight. When it's dark outside it's up to us to look for the light.

Happy Women's day, from my Island