My story

My name is Fanny. And this is really my story. I live alone on a small island, off but not too far from the coast of Malta. Only for a couple of times the tide was so low that with a couple of galoshes I could go ashore on foot ... but as I said, it rarely happens. 

In reality here everything happens rarely, or rather, it rarely happened. After all, without neighbors, without cars, without politicians, without shops and without friends, how would something new happen to me? 

But everything has changed, in a day, since I found this new express courier. Having a pizza at home here is impossible, sushi ... unthinkable. And if sending a package to "South and Islands" is difficult, well, let's think about how hard is done it here, in the middle of the sea. I had almost given up, until, by pure chance, I found the Universal Express … and from that day my life has never been the same.